Do you have a UPVC door or window that has become difficult to open, or completely jammed up?

These problems usually start when the door or window drops out of line. This happens over a period of time and can be resolved fairly quickly without replacing the unit. As the unit becomes harder to open it is often tempting and natural, to try to lift it manually as you close it. Unfortunately, over time, the situation is likely to  get worse and you may find that you have to apply excessive force to handles. At some point you will probably find you can no longer operate the locking mechanism or turn the key in the lock, perhaps even finding you are unable to open or close the unit at all. Wherever you are in this process please call now.


Blackwater Locks have the tools and expertise to resolve these problems. Call now and we will provide a free no obligation estimate. If you chose to proceed with the estimate we will agree a suitable time to perform the work and you will receive a friendly, professional, competitively priced, no fuss, no mess locksmith service from a familiy run business.


Call Now and take the first steps to solving this common problem.