Non-Destructive Entry

  • Locked out

Locked Out?

Call Our Essex Emergency Locksmith Service

It’s happened to most of us at one time or another.

Whether your keys are lost or broken, the door slammed shut in the wind or the lock is just faulty…

Whatever the reason, you probably just want to get back in to your home or business with as little fuss and mess as possible, without having to spend a fortune and without having to compromise the security of your property.

Picking a lock

If you are looking for locksmith that you can trust, don’t worry you are in safe hands now. We have spent some considerable time and money to acquire the tools, skills and experience needed to help you regain access to your property, rain or shine, day or night. We do this kind of work every week and we have not failed a customer yet.

We prefer to use non-destructive methods to open or bypass locks, which means that you may not need a new lock to be fitted or replacement keys to be cut.

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