What is a Master Key System?

A hotel owner may want the hotel manager to get access to all the rooms and offices, the  housekeeping staff to get access to all the rooms (perhaps just on one or two floors), maintenance staff to get access to all the meeting rooms and risers, and the guests need only to get access to their own rooms.

Master Key System


In the same way, a school may need to secure areas such as offices, staff rooms, store rooms, class rooms and laboratories, but need to let maintenance staff get access to all areas, teachers access to some areas and pupils only access to open areas.

A master key system meets the challenges of this kind of situation.

This type of system can also be applied at varying levels – from a set of padlocks up to a group of buildings.

It is a different problem to allow all residents of a block of flats access to the ground floor entrance door and their individual flats with the same key. This is a common entry system and does not need a master key system solution.

Similarly, another different scenario is to have all doors to a building opened by the same key. This is much more simply achieved and in this case the locks are referred to as being “keyed alike“.

If you do need a master key system it needs to be designed both for your immediate and future requirements.

Still not sure, whether you need a master key system?

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