Do you need, panic bars, pads, buttons or door closers in Essex?

Sometimes it is important to make sure that a door is securely closed when it’s not in use. The door could be a shared entrance, part of a secure passageway, controlled access point or emergency exit. A door closer helps to make sure that a door is fully and safely shut after use. If your door closer doesn’t do this or causes the door to slam closed then it may need adjusting or replacing.

Whether you are having problems with your door closer in Essex or need a new one fitted, then Blackwater Locks can help you.

It is important to make sure that fire and emergency exit doors work correctly and meet the right British Standards. It is also important to make sure that these exit points are not weak spots in the building security. If you find that fire or emergency doors are becoming difficult to use then call Blackwater Locks now.

If you have members of the public at your premises that are unfamiliar with the emergency exits, the exit doors have to be fitted with devices that are compliant with British Standard BS EN 1125.

If your premises only have staff that are familiar with the emergency exits , the emergency exit hardware will must comply with British Standard BS EN 179.

British Standard BS EN 1154 covers door closers.

In the case of fire doors, door closers and panic hardware will also need to have the same fire rating as the fire doors.

Door Closers

Door closers and panic hardware

If you would like to discuss your panic hardware or door closer needs with a locksmith, contact Blackwater Locks today to arrange a free, no obligation visit to check your requirements.