Looking at CCTV systems but not sure yet?

CCTV Systems images

Sample cctv images

Ask yourself these few questions:

What do I want from my CCTV systems?

  • Do you want to see who is calling at your property when you are not there?
  • Do you want to add an extra layer of protection for your family or property?
  • Could your business benefit from being monitored and recorded day or night?
  • Do you want to see what’s happening in your car parks, loading bays, emergency exits or store rooms?
  • Do your staff work in a hazardous environment where monitoring or recording would improve their safety?
  • Do you want to see the wildlife that visits your garden through the day or night?

How will I use my CCTV systems?

  • Do you want to see live CCTV images from your CCTV systems on your SmartPhone while you are out?
  • Do you want to watch or capture CCTV images at night without extra lighting?
  • Do you want to activate the cameras only when they detect motion, recording only relevant images?
  • Do you want the system to send an alert to you by TXT or email as well as recording activity?

You can have all these features and many more …

If after answering these questions you would like to know more about the features and options available for CCTV systems, call Blackwater Locks to discuss your requirements. We typically supply and install complete digital video surveillance systems with 1.3 megapixel bullet or dome cameras with up to 30m night vision and motion sensing. We also help configure internet router firewalls so that you can use your system from your smart phone, tablet, laptop or PC.


With continual improvements in this technology and increased demand for more home security, CCTV systems have rapidly become much more affordable. Improvements in image quality have made the output from CCTV systems much more useful for crime detection. When set up correctly today’s CCTV systems are easily and very effectively used remotely through the technology that many people already carry with them.


Police forces are increasingly using images from CCTV systems to track criminals movements before and after they have committed a crime. Installing a CCTV system at your property will not only protect you and your assets but it could also help reduce crime for your general neighbourhood. That has is another good reason to invest in a CCTV system.