Blackwater Locks are pleased to offer a full range of locksmith services to households and businesses throughout Essex.

Blackwater Locks are pleased to provide a comprehensive range of locksmith services to our customers. As we carry enough tools and stock to tackle most common locksmith tasks in one visit, we are able to keep our costs and your bill down.

Locked out

If you find yourself locked out of your house you may find that you experience a range of emotions, from anger to embarrassment. You may suddenly feel helpless or a sense of panic. We meet a lot of people in this situation, it’s happening all the time. Don’t panic, we’re here to help you 24/7.

  • You might have looked at your door and window security and decided you would like some additional locks fitted.
  • You may have just moved house or have been parted from your keys and now want to change your locks.
  • You may have decided you want to improve your existing locks for peace of mind or insurance policy compliance.

We can help with all these and more.

Cylinder Keys

Our mobile locksmith service is equipped with key cutting machinery and a broad selection of common domestic key blanks. This enables us to cut additional keys for you at your door, so you will know they work before we leave.

Sometimes we need to add additional security to sheds, outbuildings and garages. For emergency work we carry a selection of padlocks, padbolts, security screws hasp and staples with us. We are also able to advise, supply and install appropriate security for vulnerable gates or garden storage units. If you keep garden tools in your shed or outbuildings you should ensure that they cannot be used to gain entry to your house, which is something that is sometimes overlooked when considering your home security.

Combination safe

If you have possessions with a high monetary or sentimental value you might consider keeping these in a safe. You might also want to protect your key items of paperwork such as passport, deeds, share certificates or wills from theft and fire. Having a suitable, insurance rated safe supplied and professionally installed can bring you extra peace of mind. You may already have a safe, but have lost the key or combination. Whatever you safe needs call Blackwater Locks.

Thanks to continual improvements in camera and recording technology, high quality digital CCTV systems are now an affordable option for homes and businesses. In addition, with wider use of broadband and smart phones it is now easy to set up you system to alert you in real time to events at your property when you are elsewhere.

Blackwater Locks are pleased to offer electrical access control solutions to our customers throughout Essex. Whether you want a keypad, token, swipe or proximity card access system we can help you.

If you have members of the public at your premises that are unfamiliar with the emergency exits, the exit doors have to be fitted with devices that are compliant with British Standard BS EN 1125.

If your premises only have staff that are familiar with the emergency exits , the emergency exit hardware will must comply with British Standard BS EN 179.

British Standard BS EN 1154 covers door closers.

Master Key System

If you need a master key system for your property, we can help you. If you are not sure whether a master key system is right for you, we can help you with that too.

UPVC Door Lock Problems

UPVC Door Lock Specialists